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Image of Seasons CD Collection

Seasons CD Collection

For those that might not be dj's and still love that deep soulful sound of Seasons, this is your perfect chance to take a ride through the Seasons catalog for a unbelievable price for a 6 CD collection.

Listed below are the LP's included in the collection as some are mixed and some of the LP's are not mixed.

1. SEACD-01 Nature’s Composition Vol 1 “Mixed By Jamie Thinnes”
Artist: JT Donaldson, Lance DeSardi & CPEN

2. SEACD-02 ADNY & Persuader “Quarter Of A Century” Unmixed
Artist: Alexi Delano & Jesper Dahlback

3. SEACD-03 2nd Shift “An Evening In The Listening Room” Unmixed
Artist: JT Donaldson, Tim Shumaker, Chez Damier

4. SEACD-04 S.U.M.O, “Workout” Mixed by SUMO
Artist: Alf Tumble & Magnus

5.. SEACD-07 Franck Roger “We Walk To Dance” Mixed by Franck Roger

6. SEACD-08 Birdie Mix